What is the streamline/timeline of a project?

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The timeline of a project starts when a customer places an order for the project. ⏳

A Project is a collection of tasks. Every project has at least 4 to 5 tasks.

Once a writer is selected for a project, they will be allocated task(s) based on their skills and the project requirements.

A project’s end date depends on the number of tasks in that project and the writers available for completing it. Accordingly, a delivery date is given to the customer for the completion of the project.

The customer, similar to a task, will be provided a few days after the delivery of the project for review and revision of the tasks in the project.

Payments for the associated writers will be released on Saturday after the completed project gets approved by the customer and the payment is received by us.

Even in case of a default from the customer, WittyPen will compensate the writers by paying part of their due payment for their work.

To put things in the right perspective, here’s a timeline of a task: * The timeline of the task starts as soon as the customer places the order of the content. * A single content is known as a task. * A task has to be delivered to the customer within 5 working days. In a period of 5 days, the content goes through these stages: - As the order is placed for content, it is allotted to a writer to write the content. - The writer is given 48 hours to complete writing the task. - Following this, it is reviewed by us and then passed on to the editor. - The editor is given a few hours to edit the content after which it is reviewed by us again and then presented to the customer. * After receiving the content, the Customer is given 5 to 7 days for reviews and revisions, in which they can ask for a maximum of 2 revisions. Succeeding this, the task gets approved by the customer. The task is then marked complete after everyone associated with the task has been paid. * As soon as all the tasks in a project are completed, reviewed, approved and the payment is made by the customer, the project is wrapped up and all the writers are paid on the Saturday after that.

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