Why is formatting lost after pasting from Google Docs/Word?

Created by Support Team, Modified on Thu, 23 Jun 2022 at 01:27 PM by Support Team

Our Document Editor is designed to ensure our Users can write comfortably on the platform. We provide a number of advanced rich text formatting options, live word count, and draft autosave to make this possible.

That being said, we have noticed many users copying and pasting content from 3rd party document editors like Google Docs, MS Word, and more. Earlier we used to support pasting rich text from these sources so that you don't lose formatting. But as these 3rd party apps keep updating their core text engines, it was getting difficult for us to maintain our own implementation of handling copy-paste actions. Also, different apps provide different kinds of rich text which is hard to work with.

As a result of trying to play catch, our Document Editor started getting prone to big errors. For example, if you paste a list from Google Docs, the order of the list got jumbled or at times even got lost in the process.

To ensure our Document Editor doesn't miss any data while you are pasting content, we convert the rich text into plain text. This way the copied content won't be lost upon paste and we ensure the formatting gets done properly in our Editor itself.

Hope this helps! 

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