Here are quick steps to start:

Start with checking all the information shared bye the content manager. Also review the length, pay, delivery date and payment release date to align things.
Do a research about the platform where content will be published and their readers so you understand the tonality and use case
Feel free to use your knowledge and if you any suggestions please share with us and we'll respond with the approvals
If you have any queries, questions or feel that the information provided is not sufficient to create the content, feel free to reachout to our team and we'll help you sort it out
Avoid basic grammar and punctuation issues. Also, plagiarism is a strict NO, if found the content gets rejected automatically.
You need to start creating content within 12 hours of getting allocated and deliver as soon as you are done. Last minute deliveries lead to issues and process delays.

We are a team and our focus is to deliver the best content! 🙌
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