First things first. As a customer, you can order content by signing up on our platform as a customer. (Blah!)

Verify your email. Check this out to know that's done! How to verify my email?
After this log into your account.
Once you have logged in, you will see a New Order button on your home screen of the dashboard. Click on the New Order icon to start the process.
If you want to order single content (1 to 4 blogs), select ‘Single Content’ but if you need multiple content pieces i.e. 5 to 10 blogs, you can order that by clicking on ‘Project’.
After the selection, you need to answer various questions about the content like the topic, genre, the size of the content, the writer’s experience expectation etc. Do them diligently.
We have 3 types of packages: Starter, Professional and Elite. Know what to choose:


Starting at ₹780/500-700 words (approx)
Writers with 0-2yrs Exp.
Ideal for 1-5 Content
Industry Specific Research
Editor Services Included
2 Rounds of Revision
5 Business Day Turnaround


Starting at ₹1200/500-700 words (approx)
2-8yrs Experienced Writers
Account Manager for 10+ Content/month
Deeper Research and Niche Topics
Editor Services Included
2 Round of Revisions
5 Business Day Turnaround


Pricing on request
Dedicated Account Manager
Our Most Experienced Writers
Editor Services Included
Build Separate Pool Of Favourite Writers
3 Round of Revisions
Faster Turnaround Time & Support

📌 The pricing differs from the experience of the writers to the word limit for every package.

After filling in all the answers to the questions, you can submit your order.
After submitting your order in the card, you need to pay the total amount in the card.
Successful payment will place your order with us immediately.

Simple as that! 😃
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