This article is to help you understand how the WittyPen Writer Rating System works. Read on.

Task Ratings

These general 5-star ratings are given by Customers and Admins (WittyPen Operations Managers and Editors) for a particular task you have submitted. We just ask a basic question to them like What do you think about this content?

These ratings are optional and our Customers and Admins can chose not to give ratings for a task. However we have provisions in place to diligently make them do so. As a Writer you can ask the Admins to rate your work if it has been a while and you haven't received ratings. The ratings Admin give for a particular task is the most important rating for you on the platform.

Apart from a basic overall rating that the Admins and Customers provide for a task, there are some additional ratings that the Admins can provide.

Currently these additional ratings are Grammar, Language and Topic Research.

Note that these ratings operate individually and has nothing to with your main rating.


Currently the Leaderboard is updated every Monday morning (IST). Since this is a weekly Leaderboard, we only take in account of ratings that were provided in a week's timeframe. Tasks that have been rated and marked complete by Admins are used to calculate weekly scores for a Writer. Based on these weekly scores we rank the top 10 Writers on the Leaderboard.

We also show if a Writer has climbed up or down the Leaderboard and by how many ranks. If there's a new Writer that has joined the Leaderboard, they are tagged with a "new" badge.

Check Your Ratings

If you wish to check your ratings, go to the dashboard and click the dropdown menu that has your name on the top-right corner of the screen. You will see the current admin rating, customer rating, additional ratings in a pop-up window.

Know that just the average rating is not enough for you to classify you as a good/bad writer. The number of ratings equally matter.
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