How to enable SMS Notifications

To enable SMS Notifications setting on WittyPen, you will have to first verify your phone number with us using OTP. This can be done easily by going your Settings and then clicking on this link near the phone number field:

This will take you to the Verify Contact Number page where you can enter your number and then you will receive an OTP message that you will have to enter on the next step to complete the verification.

After you have done that, you can come back to the Settings page again and toggle on the SMS setting here:

Note that this setting can't be enabled if you have an unverified number.

Why is this necessary?

There are two important reasons to do this. First, this is comply with the latest TRAI regulations and validating a number before actually sending critical updates to any number. Second reason is to prevent the abuse of this feature. With OTP verification, we as responsible senders, are sure that your notifications land in the right hands and the delivery doesn't bounce off.

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