What to do if I do not have a PAN as a Writer?

Having a PAN is very important to have a professional freelance career as it enables you to file taxes based on your earnings and build a credit score. At WittyPen, you need to have a PAN card as we deduct 10% of your payment as TDS and file it on your behalf.

You can claim TDS while filing your yearly income tax returns. TDS deduction is a mandatory clause by the Government of India and in case you wish to proceed without a PAN, 20% of the payment will be deducted every time we pay you. Without a PAN, you will not be able to claim the TDS being deducted. So it is highly recommended that you get a PAN to avail the tax benefits as per the Indian laws.

You can enter "N/A" in case you do not have a PAN.
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