How do you select writers?

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Writer applicants at WittyPen are evaluated on the basis of the following:

  • Your Application: The application is the most important part of the selection process. If your application isn’t filled correctly or completely, you might not be selected. So fill it with diligence!
  • Fresh Samples: You are supposed to submit Fresh Samples for the domains you select. It is a part of your application.
  • Previous Work Experience: The links to your previous work will not count as fresh samples but it will surely add to your application.
  • Quality of Writing: It’s a writer’s job so the way you write is the highest consideration. We would prefer quality over quantity any day.
  • Knowledge of Domains: Your writings must reflect your knowledge about the domains in the Fresh Samples.
  • Language and Grammar: The way you write, including the language used, and with proper grammar will be considered in your selection process.
  • Time availability: You must be willing to devote enough time even with our flexible working hours. Once a task is allotted to you, you must complete it in time.

All these factors together comprise the basis of selection. Collective evaluation of all these factors is considered for the selection.

In case of rejection, we will provide you with a Feedback on how you can improve.

You can apply thrice at the most.

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