Why is my payment getting delayed?

We release payment in 7, 15, or 30days of the timeline after the content or project is approved by the customer. The timelines vary for a single task order to bulk projects with 50+ content pieces. We give you an approximate date of payment release at the start of the project.

Why do payments get delayed? 1. For any project, there are more than one writer who works simultaneously and some writers at times do not perform as per the expectations, which causes delays in project closing, which further delays the timelines in which we receive payments and release it to you. 2. Most finance teams have multiple approvals and processes to release payments, and that starts after the project closes. This causes the delay in the time we receive the payments, while we are assured that the payment will come through but the delays happen.

What are we doing to change this? 1. We work with large brands and customers where we have clarity that they will pay. So every project you work on, once it is approved, rest assured you will be paid. 2. We do agreements and regular followups with enterprise-level customers to reduce the payment timeline and in case of a 30-day timeline we inform writers about it at the start and you have the liberty to show your interest. 3. We are moving large customers to pay 50% upfront so for such projects, even if there is a delay we release your payments partly.

Why don't we change our customers? A quick solution to all problems is to go global and work with customers who agree to pay upfront. But once we do that, we will have to onboard writers of respective countries as the customers expect native English speakers. This will again reduce jobs for our Indian writers where we want to bring in the change.

If your payments are delayed, be patient as it will be released as soon as we receive it from the customer. For anything else, you can reach out using the chat option.

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