How to get writing tasks and projects?

Congratulations on getting selected as a writer at WittyPen! 🎉

You must be excited to get your first writing task, right? Know how to get one here!

  • To get writing tasks and projects, you must go through your feed.
  • Your feed is the collection of all the tasks and projects on WittyPen presented to you sorted by the time they were created.
  • It also allows you to show your interest in a particular open task/project.
  • Once you click on "I'm Interested", you'll appear on our end in the list of writers who have shown interest for the same task/project.
  • The Account Manager will then choose able writers to work on the task/project. If you are selected, you will receive a notification on email and SMS from us. Make sure your notifications are enabled.
  • If a task/project is no longer open to Writer applications, you'll see "N/A" or "Not Available".
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